Jan 5, 2009

"Drive Your Way" Out of Debt With Hyundai

Have you ever been late on a car payment and just wanted to give the car back? We'll according to an article by the Associated Press,Hyundai Motor America, a Korean based automotive manufacturer is giving car owners the opportunity to do just that. Car sales have been down because of the downturn in our economy and either people can't afford to pay for their cars or purchase new ones. So the "Hyundai Assurance Program" was developed to cover the depreciation on a vehicle for the first 12 months for owners who can't make payments. I know things are bad, but when you can give back a car free of charge, it shows exactly what's going on in our economy.

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Screen Scene: Not Easily Broken

Td Jakes is back on the scene with his new movie based on the novel "Not Easily Broken" starring Taraji P.Henson and Morris Chestnut. This movie is set to hit the movie theater on January 9,2009 and it is directed by the legendary Bill Duke.

Here's the Synopsis of the movie..."After years of disagreeing on what true happiness, success, and love really are, Dave and Clarice Johnson have finally reached a breaking point in their marriage. When Clarice is hurt in a car accident, the obvious truth that more than just her injuries need immediate attention is exposed. Their odds of making it worsen as Clarice begins to see a physical therapist, and Dave develops a friendship with Julie and her teenage son Bryson. The acceptance and comfort he finds in them stirs his longing for a family and a passionate partner. As temptation tugs at Dave and Clarice pulls farther away, they must confront whether their vows are or are NOT EASILY BROKEN" (synopsis courtsy of IMDb)

Birthstone Style: The Vibrant Garnet

Every month I'm going to do a feature called "Birthstone Style". This will highlight the gemstone for the month and include fashions, accessories or even home decor to coordinate with the shade. So if your birthday is in January your birthstone is a "Garnet".This gemstone is found in many different shades although it is commonly known as a red gemstone. It was first mined in Sri Lanka over 2500 years ago and comes from the Latin word granatus, meaning "grain or seed". The name garnet comes from the close resemblence to the pomegranate fruit seeds. So even if your birthday isn't in January you can still wear a stylish hat, carry a hip handbag or step out in trendy shoes that compliment the exquisite sparkle of the garnet.

Red shiny laquer straw hat, Harlemshats.com, $ 165.00

Red patent leather tote w/ "liquid strips", Bottega Veneta, $2680.00

Printed metallic peep toe shoe, Carlos by Carlos Santana, $98.99

original posted 1/12/08
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